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'Shambaughs International'


To Preserve and distribute the
histories and current news
of the Shambaugh Families.

To encourage participation
in family activites and
genealogical research.

Welcome to the official web site of 'Shambaughs International'. Our intent is that this web site serves as a record of the Shambaugh families in America and can aid others in searching for their Shambaugh heritage. Follow the links below to view the seperate family lines and associated documents.

2017 National Shambaugh Reunion
July 22 - 23, Lionville, Chester Co., PA

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Below is a copy of the first issue of the Shambaugh Family Newsletter which began in January of 1940. I believe it pretty much expresses our intent. If you would like more information on 'Shambaughs International' or the 'Shambaugh Families Newsletter', please email me at .